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About Us

Mobius Logistics specialise in moving temperature controlled foodstuffs around Europe.

Meet the team:

gavin johson of mobius

Gavin Johnson

Gavin spent four years at Leyland Trucks before moving into vehicle test at Land Rover. Following an engineering degree, Gavin moved into process automation and rose through the ranks eventually becoming European MD of a US multinational, with a passion for customer satisfaction. Gavin is firm in the belief that customers, suppliers and shareholders benefit if they are treated equally importantly and that the provision of best value, as perceived by the customer, is the way to drive forwards.

Gavin joined Mike at Mobius Logistics Ltd in 2013 to provide the best solution they could in transporting both food products and reusable transport packaging.

emma smith of mobius

Emma Smith

Emma has been involved in shipping goods for her entire career!

From specialised transport of unusual loads requiring police escorts and months of planning to chilled and frozen meat transport on a daily basis, from territories including UK, Continental Europe, Eurasia and the Far East. All types of trailer and all kinds of customer. She is adept at Customs and Health documentation, letters of credit and transit forms.

Emma has also studied Business Administration and topped the class in her final year.

claire read of mobius

Claire Read

Claire has been involved with companies large and small, within the voluntary, banking, luxury and FMCG sectors.

Claire has run her own accounting business and has been a partner in one of the foremost Intuit training practices.

She is familiar with most accounts systems, including Quickbooks, Sage, VT Transactions and Access Accounts. Her experience covers international trading, multi-currency VAT and year –end account auditing.

She has an eye for detail and an ability to “follow the money”.


Paulina Linowska

Paulina attained a degree in Banking in 2007 and moved into the food industry that year, before joining Mobius Logistics Ltd in August 2016.

She has managed both manufacturing and administration teams, and is now an invaluable link with our Polish partners.

At Mobius, she is responsible for driving and improving the order management processes, dealing with documentation for the Polish authorities and is part of the company HACCP team.



mike logut of mobius


Mike Logut

Mike has spent his whole career working in the meat & poultry business, from an apprenticeship with Anglo Dutch Meats learning the sharp end of the business in the slaughter house and cutting rooms, through to running a multi-million pound trading company.

Mike set up Sapphire Foods Ltd in 2013 to offer something different. His vision is to create an organisation which shares the values and ambitions of its customers and offers a level of commitment and service which is second to none.

Mobius Logistics was born out of Sapphire Foods, taking over the logistics operation in order to develop the potential of pro-active tracking systems and logistic efficiencies.