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Intelligent Tracking

Mobisense is an entirely new concept in portable (not hardwired) ‘live’ tracking sensors. It relays real time information from your bulk product containers from the start of production in your factory to the end of production, including all transport and storage movements within the supply chain.

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Mobisense works by placing sensors with your product. These relay through a local dongle (in your vehicles) or a local Access Point (in your factory and stores) the current location, temperature and light of that consignment (batch) that is then displayed directly on the web site.

This gives greater knowledge for both product owners and hauliers about conditions of foodstuffs during production and transportation, with the added ability to record and retrieve documentation, stock movements, seal numbers and other data. The web site shows the exact location of each consignment, the accompanying pallets/dolavs containing sensors, and their readings.

The transport dongles work using a smartphone app, available by free download for both Android and iOS, and powers up via a usb/12v/24v socket in the vehicle cab. The app applies the user’s primary language to make it usable to a wide range of international drivers.

MobiSense Sensors

A primary metric in food haulage is sensing temperatures inside a refrigerated trailer, most systems currently on the market are hardwired, which is not robust and don’t allow for use of sub-contracted hauliers tracking systems. By running a dongle in each cab, every consignment is recorded. As many sensors as required can be placed in the trailer with the product to get precise temperature readings, and any change in light reading. This also allows for immediate notification of any unauthorised opening of the trailer doors.

If you are using Mobisense in your whole supply chain, this will highlight currently unknown issues at critical points such as transfer of goods over loading bays and provide precise product temperatures during heating or chilling processes. The fact that this is relayed real time can be lead to substantial cost savings.

Mobisense sensors have temperature plus an onboard light sensor. They can be customised to include humidity, IR, etc.

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MobiSense Website

The website is used to upload a list of jobs, with pricing and location data. Specific job-related paperwork (Invoices, identity documents, certificates, CMR’s, other insurance etc) is stored which simplifies accreditations for BRC, SALSA etc. It displays lists of arrivals and despatches, and has a download facility for searching, invoicing and analysis.

The website includes plotting of temperature and location data, with spreadsheet downloads

mobius website screen examples

Real Time Alerts.

If a measured parameter (eta, temperature, light) exceeds pre-set limits, an email and/or SMS alert is raised. This means issues can be dealt with before they become expensive problems. Most crucially the driver is alerted (in his native language) via the smartphone app so corrective action can be taken.


End to end supply chain management.

Constant monitoring and recording from supplier to end user – covers loading bays and delayed transitions where delays can cause damage and disputes over liability.


Document Control

MobiSense collates all documentation through the web site, including load manifests, vehicle & driver records, seal numbers and other data. Access to the web site is bespoke to you and free.

mobisense alerts


Mobius has introduced some features to the website to allow for customs declaration numbers to be made through the app to the driver as part of a border technology solution for Brexit if that becomes necessary.


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Cost Effective

At £3/week for each dongle, and £1/week per sensor, Mobisense provides a cost effective and affordable solution providing a secure real time food safety environment.