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Tracking Systems

What is Mobius?

Mobius Logistics uses a real-time tracking system that lets you see all your scheduled deliveries. It uses GPS data to plot the exact location of each truck, showing progress, expected arrival time, consignment temperature and a whole lot more. We keep track online of all the transit documentation needed for international shipments, and retain these for whatever period of time required. This helps comply with your BRC audit requirements.

Real time traffic alerts, and delivery expectation with temperature limit alerts keep you in the loop with your deliveries.

The tracking system can be accessed from PC, tablet or phone to keep you instantly in touch with your goods and the conditions on board. Auto emails on configurable time and temperature alerts keep you up to date and in control.

Powerful search tools allow you to find all the details you need about a load, whether it is in progress or was completed previously.

Mobius - Take a closer look

Mobius is breaking new ground in online, real-time tracking. The screens below will give you a glimpse of its power and flexibility, but why not take a closer look – we would be very happy to arrange a presentation to demonstrate the impact it could be making on your business.


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Overview Screen

  • Colour-coded alerts on all consigments
  • Target delivery time
  • Estimated delivery time
  • Real time traffic updates

Daily Load Summaries

  • Individual load email summaries
  • Future date consolidated details
  • Distance to destination
mobius gps screen

GPS Tracking

  • By consignment showing start, finish & current location

Real Time Load Data:

  • Relevant load documentation
  • Auto emails
  • Temperature alerts
mobius load info screen

Stay Connected:

  • Available on desktop, laptop, tablet & smartphone
  • Auto emails
  • Temperature alerts